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Happy New Year Karl Gustaf and Nice to meet you.

Thank you for excellent tip. I know American Explorer and Photographer William Henry Jackson was using Glass 1 ASA Negatives. Details were better than todays Hasselblad pictures.

Do you think I could get similar detail from 4 ASA or is it just only slow and thats it ? I always loved the idea to use extremelly low asa films and here it is .

I will use lens with 35mm SLR Body and a Homemade Camera , 6x10 cms or wider if it is possible. When I put semi transparent paper , everything is very clear. I looked to the face of my mothers and I didnt see such a wild detail in my life , even Summmitar , Elmar and Summicron.

Jackson and his contemporaries used glass plates, a much more stable media than film. Also they made contact prints. these two factors alone will contribute to the difference in sharpness between their prints and enlargements from 120 film, or any other size, regardless of the quality of the lenses involved.