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If you want built in meter then stay away from those that use mercury battery. I know I will get flamed for saying this but I don't think any of them has very accurate meter even with the right battery. On your list I think the XD-11 is good. I do think the Nikon FM (FM2 etc..) would have good meter.
Anything requiring mercury batteries, apart from the inconvenience of futzing with ill-fitting zinc-air cells, is also verging on being a relic with a good chance of age-related problems affecting reliability/functionality. After the usual chorus of counter-claims, testimonials and CLA recommendations dies down, remember you'll still be relying on a 40-50 year-old camera whose reputation for toughness will be cold comfort when it breaks or produces poorly-exposed negatives. Forget about retro fashion statements. Get the newest, most reliable gear you can. There seems to be budget enough according to the OP.