On my shelf, I have a few that would seem to fit the bill, but only one (other than the dSLRs) that has a wide angle lens at the moment: my X700. I have a 28/2.8 hanging around somewhere for it. The camera is a joy to shoot, and I'm learning to love it despite a poor set of test shots I made the mistake of taking to CVS. It is electronic, however, so I'd probably use my K1000 as a non-electronic 3rd world camera. I've used 'em quite a bit my whole life, so I'm familiar with the meter, and it just feels good in the hands.

Or... if you're looking for something newer, within your budget, (though I may get a few crosseyed looks) there's the Nikon FM10. It's made by Cosina, and probably won't take a beating like some of the other cameras mentioned here, but I've made some of my favorite images from my faux Nikon. Add a decent wide angle lens and stir.