I am on the verge of taking the plunge and buying my first Hasselblad 503CW.

However, whilst dong my research I have come to realise that without buying the prism that includes a light meter (which costs a few hundred more), the 503CW "kit" (body, WLF, 80mm CF Plannar lens etc) does not come with a light meter.

So, when photographing a landscape scene, for example, I'd need a dedicated spot incident light meter like the Sekonic range. Or is there another way that photographers use? All the YouTube clips I've watched have not shown the photographers using a meter, unless they metered the scenes beforehand off camera.

Can I just check that I am correct? I will need to buy a light meter, in addition to the Hasselblad? Or is there a way of determining exposure without one (without resorting to metering the scene with another camera and then applying the settings to the Blad)?