I'm in the process of building an enlarger out of an old monorail. I was going along pretty well until I asked the bulb company for help. :rolleyes: I want to use a few bulbs from this company.


They tell me only up to 23 watts is rated for a recessed can. But a 12"x12"x18" head [or deeper] is a lot bigger then a normal recessed fixture. Worse most of the bulbs are not rated for use on thier sides. I really want to mount the bulbs on thier side. Pointing towards the diffusion material. I guess I can live with the bulbs being mounted pointing straight up but the heat issue is bothering me.

Anybody care to speculate how bad the heat issue will be? I figure if I'm stuck with the 23 watt bulb that six bulbs might be needed. The head will be made out of white melamine.

I'm looking at the 5100K bulbs. They would seem to have less red in the light. Of course it would be nice if the bulb company got back to me on that.

Worse case I'm willing to use a fan or two but it's funny that the compact bulbs I intially chose to avoid heat issues are now forcing me to use a fan.