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Did you read the "Did you see fjords" story?
If you like it, you are the one, I would say.
In general, I tried to write everything in this book with a distance both to me, my photographs and whole world - this is because the texts in the book cover almost 5 year period in my photographic life, which included many, many mistakes I did.
So it's not a guide, it's rather humorous story about how photography influenced my life.
It is (in my opinion) for people, who want to be a little bit both entertained and inspired by other's experience in the field of photography.
And hey - thanks for trying it!
Have a nice day!
It seems a common problem for Europeans and Americans to have issues communicating due to the vast difference in age of the cultures, and the common assumptions that do not exist in both cultures. Americans, by and large, tend to be more optimistic, never having Bubonic Plague, or WWI, and WWII on their doorsteps, or having to live in fear of the Soviet tanks that patrolled streets there up until the 80s. Humour is another thing that is sometimes problematic, with European humour being generally more cerebral and American humour being more guttural. My point is, if writing a book where you hope to find a large audience among Americans, you might want to keep those differences in mind at all times.