Have you looked at the 8x10 horizontal enlarger that is in "The Print." I don't know whether you plan on a horizontal or vertical design, but I am pretty sure that you plan on a diffusion head.

But in terms of the power. 23 watts of cf is more than just 23w of incandescent. Looking at the cf's I use in the house, 14 watts of cf is 700 lumens. Looking at some soft-white incandescents 60 watts is 800 lumens. So these 14 watt cf are equal to around 52 watts of incandscent. This works out to be around 50 lumens/watt for the cf. If your bulbs are 23 watts, that would be the equivalent of 1150 lumens. This should be around 85 watts of incandescent light with only 23 watts of heat.

If you mount the bulbs on their side, you could vent toward the top with something like a metal light trap.Or you could use a quiet fan. But even with 6 of these, the heat will be less than a single 150 watt bulb with a light output of around 500 watts (~6900 lumens). My math may be off for your implementation depending on the lumens rating of your bulbs. But it should be fairly bright without a huge amount of heat (I have a 200 watt bulb in my D2 condenser head, and a 75 watt in my 23CII).