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Kent, I agree that \i'd have kept the photos of Eve Braun. A museum would all but always appreciated having them in a collection. Depending on the setting, it might also be possible to have traced the Leica to the owner at the time the photo was taken which might have been very interesting in itself. Imagine finding a Leica used by Hitler, Bormann, Goring, etc. or similar high level NAZI. The historic value might be immense. We have many images from the regime but I do not see many associated cameras belonging to the party elite that have been verified; even those made with the symbols of the regime and military tend not to be traced back to the users. I wonder if deep in the Leica archives there are such references. I'd imagine it could be possible that if Hitler had a Leica it may have been specially made for him and these would be a record or, others. Yes, I know Leica was not a NAZI active supporter and what it did for its Jewish employees but, it did have to live in the reality of the regime and do business.
Tall tale? Pitched pix of Eva Braun(who knew?)because he didn't like the composition? Right.