Here are my words of wisdom. Per your signature, you have the following lenses for your Nikon:
80-200mm 2.8 zoom
60mm 2.8 Macro prime
50mm 1.8 standard prime
20mm 1.8 superwide prime

I'll assume you were reasonably content with that mix. Realistically, only 2 lenses (the 50mm and 60mm macro) are replicable in the H'blad V mount. To reach even close to a 20mm perspective, you need to go to the Superwide (I think). You cannot duplicate the 80-200 zoom.

So, IMHO, either:
-you don't like the mix of lenses you had with the Nikon (or the list in your sig is not accurate)
-you will change your style to match the camera
-you will need to have both H'blad and Nikon
-you will be frustrated because you can't get the shots you want

I just don't see how it's feasible to switch when you've built your style around this collection (or, perhaps more accurately, built this collection around your style).

So, my suggestion, either:
-rebuild your Nikon system and add a less expensive, older, H'blad (with non-metered prism) to see how it fits you (cameras aren't spouses - you're not limited to 1)
-rebuild your Nikon system, forget the H'blad and find some other experience to worry about missing before you die