I decided to try kallitypes again. I am having a lot of problems with getting a decent paper to work for me. I tried some Weston Diploma paper from B&S.....great Dmax, bad staining or fog in the highlights. I then tried Clearprint Vellum. Easily cleared, poor dmax. I am using sodium citrate developer, clearing bath 1 is 1% citric acid, clearing bath 2 is permawash. I then tone in Clerc's gold and fix in 5% sodium thiocynate. This combination worked well for me a few years ago with the old Arches Platine paper. I just mixed the sensitizer. The 10% silver nitrate is a year or two old, but looks fine (stored in the dark, in dark glass, in the basement). I get the distinct feeling that my problem is paper and/or my clearing method. Any advice?