Consider an option with full metered manual mode. I have a Yashica GSN, and I like it, but it encourages me to be lazy and do no more thinking about exposure than bracket whatever the camera 'thinks' best. (no shutter speed indicator) This is not a criticisim, it's original market was not for creative photographers, it was for (people like) my grandfather who shot thousands of holiday slides with one in the 60's and 70's. (which, incidentaly, says something about it's metering ability!)
Conversly, my (equaly cheap) '80's SLR with fully metered manual mode encourages me to think about lighting on my subject & gives me greater confidence in regard of subject motion, even if I'm using AE mode (there's that laziness again!). But, I dislike the SLR viewfinder and only mention it as an example of fully metered manual.

Good luck with your purchase, and don't forget that older your preferred option is, the more likley it is to need a service.