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Maybe you're right, dhosten.
Or maybe it depends on one's nature - I see there are Americans, who enjoy this book. See example review on Amazon; but of course, I suppose, there will be always someone who hates it - I wasn't so much "politically correct" in my texts, so yes, it's possible some people won't like it at all.
First of all thank you for writing a book about photography and with that promoting photography. It takes guts to put yourself out there and I congratulate you for finishing this project. I have to admit I only read through the examples and must say I personally did neither like the writing style, nor the humor, but again, I am sure there are others who will contest to the contrary. I personally felt that the writing was not even close to being PC, but was aggressive, childish and sometimes even derogatory (The story with the 'fatty' and the 'blonde' for example).
Again, this is all my personal opinion. It is your right to express yourself in any way you want, but I personally would rather look at your images, than reading your book.

Kindest regards