I would consider the possibility of sticking together if the humidity is high.

If you are not going to be accessing these negatives very often, then it might work nicely. The more one handles film, the greater than chance for damage. So if you are using these negs often, then you will be handling several negative strips to get the one you want. But as long as one's filing system doesn't become a PITA for finding negs, then it is a good one.

I just went through a couple cardboard boxes in the garage -- there were the drug store envelopes; the prints gone (in albums) and the color negatives tucked in all together in the little flap -- and a bit stuck together. Totally the worse storage conditions for 10, 15, 20 years. Photos of me at half my present age...fit young punk of 29 summers!

I double and triple up on my 8x10 negs in 4-fold paper envelopes. But I have interweaving paper between the negatives and there is no sliding of the negatives in or out of the 4-fold envelope.