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Dennis, thanks a lot for your opinion - I appreciate it.
But please tell me - what in your eyes was derogatory in the story you mentioned?

I'm really curious why you thought so.
To me how you portrait the 'fatty' sounded derogatory for example. Addressing him as 'the fatty' and the 'swarthy fatty' and '... it just about made you sick to watch him...' . You introduce him as '...small,swarthy, cross-eyed, fat man ...' And continue addressing him as 'fatty' , while strangely all others receive names during the story (Eva, Jack, Marc, ...) ....

Your fjord story showing the security guard in a light, that does not at all contribute to anything in the story itself, but show your personal opinion about certain religions and societies ...

To me stuff like that does not belong in a book about photography, an artform as diverse and different as it is.

Again, all my personal opinion and while I did not like the sample I read, that does not mean that I don't like your images or anything. It is just the same as any other art form and I feel I am not compatible with your writing style and that is totally fine, as I know there will be a ton of people out there that you will reach with your book exactly because of the way it is written. So I am not trying to say it is a bad book, I just say it is not for me, judging from the few pages I did read.

After all you did what most of us are just talk about and you finished your book project!