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International Film buys the stock from Kodak as a special order. It is listed in the Kodak MP film catalogue with a several roll (400ft roll) minimum order. John has regular 8 spools and cans. (the spools that the film I last got from him were Soviet in origin) a 400ft rolls gives 12 standard spools as the leaders mean you need 33 feet for each roll.

I understand that it was John who persuaded Kodak to make the stock available as a special order.
Ouch - I see it now. The 100D has a 20-roll minimum, the Tri-X reversal has a 5-roll minimum, and the release print (Vision 3383) has, if I'm reading it correctly, a 160-roll minimum of 2000-foot rolls! Wow, you'd have to really want to print some release prints in Regular 8mm format...
all the stranger since there is currently no color negative film available in that format.

Oh, and someone asked for the link: