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I've considered the older R and even the T but heard that the R2's and R3's were better built?
I can't offer a comprehensive review, but the T is built very well, in my opinion. My gear has to take a beating, I am constantly juggling bodies and films and I am admittedly not all that responsible when it comes to last-minute packing and stuffing my pockets!

Also, I agree withe many online reviews that the (inexpensive) 21mm skopar is almost without peer. And with the external VF on there, well, it just spoils you with regard to almost any other VF

I have extensively handled but not owned the new zeiss ikon... it feels wonderful, perhaps even somewhat opulent. Likewise the various newer Ms. But the advantages of owning those higher-end bodies have more to do with resale value than actual utilitarian purpose. As well-made and well-designed bodies that perform well, take great glass, and gets the job done, the bessas are very hard to beat. I would definitely pick up another bessa without thinking twice... if for no other reason, the money saved can be spent on Zeiss or Leica glass I don't have a shortage of money to spend, but I have a hard time rationalizing the cost of certain bodies, and certain obviously partisan comments only better clarify my reasoning. I am much more inclined to part with my money for lenses.

Just get these cameras in your hands and all will be clear.