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I've already written most of the "script" for the documentary, just need to actually put together an interview list (people willing to be interviewed and sign a release), work on the schedules and plan the final presentation and find someone to collaborate with (to help editing the script, etc.).

I'm also registering a small company which will handle any legal liabilities, such as if I interview someone who discloses something they shouldn't or if someone trips on a wire and sues, as a small company (LLC), my personal assets are completely separate and protected.

This also allows me to take out insurance, though that aspect is proofing a little more difficult as most insurers only provide property/estate insurance, i.e. if someone gets injured or if your gear gets stolen from the company premises, your covered, if it happens elsewhere, your tough out of luck. I should be able to get around it though.

I've also compiled a list of gear on BH and Keh to order, not much stuff I need, just recorder, camera, lens, film and a few other miscellaneous items. Everything else, I already own or can borrow.

So ... full speed ahead, for better or worse
Great... go full steam ahead. I didn't get the impression that you were quite that organized or, for lack of better word, profesional. Why are you sweating equipment, then? Insure your gear if you can and keep affordable back-up gear in case something gets damaged or stolen. Bring a friend (or friends) to watch your back, and use the gear you are already familiar with. I assume you are happy with the results you get from your current gear. If you want to go retro for "artistic reasons" then ignore that suggestion.

Interestingly, I have similar interests but it seems like we are complete opposites: I do not fit into the rougher neighborhoods I sometimes shoot, I don't worry about getting my wallet or gear stolen (because I tend to be so cautious that I'll be long gone before the bad person gets near me... unless he jumps from a rooftop while I'm standing on the sidewalk below)... and I shoot only film with very limited experience with digital and histograms, etc. All I know is that histograms are interesting but (for me) provide so much data that I get distracted from image making.