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You should check the filters. Mine were all shrunken and cracked, and plenty of unfiltered light would be pouring out of them. Theoretically, the bulb only produces "safe" wavelengths, but at that high intensity I doubt it's very safe for very long. I'll run a test with some MGWT tonight.

The Rosco gels cost about $8 for a 20x24 sheet, which will give you two complete sets of filters for the unit. You could double these up and/or add Rolux (diffusion gel available in various stops). The #19 is 2.3 stops. I considered the Medium Red #27 as well, but it was so dense and dark purple I figured that it wouldn't be a good choice.

The filter is fine.

It is always best to run fog test even with "safelights"

I am trying to remember which paper, and it was Forte warm grade 3, if I am remembering correctly. I was a bit surprised myself and the fog was slight but none the less still there. I have test our light up to 30 minutes and except for that specific paper no problems.