I can vouch for the ease of unsticking a sticky QL17 shutter (actually the aperture blades in my case). Mine is the non GIII version so I had to take the lens elements off from the front to expose the iris. It just needed a light push on the edge of the blades to open it up fully once and it has been OK for the 2 or 3 months now since I got it. I'm dubious about using lighter fluid with q-tips etc 'cos it just moves the gunk around and I'm sufficiently ham fisted to bend the blades... Anyway, I'm far from an expert but it worked out fine for me.

I use hearing aid batteries with a washer (but you can probably get away without the washer/spacer) and the camera's meter reads about 2/3 of a stop out compared to my Sekonic meter so I increase the ISO setting on the camera by that amount over my normal rating for the film (which by coincidence means I set HP5+ to 400 on the camera). It's worth checking this which ever battery you use.

Manual here: http://www.kyphoto.com/classics/instructionmanuals.html enter "free" as username and "manuals" as the password when prompted.

Also, I too recommend Interslice. I know you don't need the foam (mine did) but he's an ex-Brit so I thought I'd mention it...

Cheers, Bob.