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The compact bulbs seem so easy to wire. The local Home depot stocks a medium base with a two prong plug on the back. Just screw the bulb in and attach an extension cord. I can do that much. I've no real idea how hard it is to wire a ballast. Plus the compact bulbs come in some pretty big wattages.
Hi Nick,
Take a look at http://www.eepjon.com/ubldit.htm. The directions are aimed building a lightsource for UV sensitive material but the general idea seems applicable here. Just pick the correct lamp for your application. As noted above light output vs watts works differently than with incandescent bulbs. Not to be silly but a good light box would provide a pre-wired solution. I have two customers who have tried this and found it to work.

Standard disclaimer applies here: I have no connection with eep, just seemed like useful info.