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How much do APUG members feel that image capture and process/print realisation is intuitive rather than measured and calculated?
Depends which process and which gear is involved. To me, the process of composing and producing images with slide and instant film is more intuitive than b&w. Shooting with pinhole on positive material is as intuitive as it gets, to me. Obviously it pretty much *all* feels intuitive now. But I'll be honest that it wasn't always so.

Based on my interactions with young students and what I remember of my own learning process, the nonintuitive bits are things like lens effects (including inversion and depth of field effects), exposure nomenclature, negative images, b&w tonality, etc. And for some people, working with a rangefinder somehow never quite sinks in, for a number of reasons.

I find that today's young learners pretty much unanimously think that digital is more intuitive, because they aren't exposed to the technical wizardry going on in the black box and just see what they expect to see on a screen. This is a very important selling point, to young people, and it'll ultimately drive the market toward removal of viewfinders altogether. Nevertheless, everybody seems to love to play with a big LF camera and see the image on the GG.

It's (perhaps) interesting to note what motivated Land to invent instant film. His daughter (?) Remarked something like, if you captured the image in the box then why can't we see it? So off Land went, to the lab...