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the release print (Vision 3383) has, if I'm reading it correctly, a 160-roll minimum of 2000-foot rolls! Wow, you'd have to really want to print some release prints in Regular 8mm format...
all the stranger since there is currently no color negative film available in that format.
Making prints in Regualr 8 is often (or perhasp I should say WAS often) done with a step printer from a 16mm or larger negative. If you look there may be an Internegative available, with Regualr 8 Perfs,

Mind you a 16mm Internegative would work fine, the printer would just not engage some of the regular 8 perfs., it would be a bit trickier buy not imposible to get the images in teh right place on the internegative.

Once you start making prints you are generaly working from a project which has been edited. if you still need a work print for something shot in 8mm it might be easier to get it blown up to 16.