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Thank you for the tip, I will be looking out (literally) for it =)
I find it hard to follow development in the tray for example, because it's so dark. (My bathroom has black tiles on the walls).
It might be overkill for a space that small, but many people report using black foam core to block out the top windows and keep the light down.

In my basement, the light is hanging a good eight feet from my developing tray. Even full closed I can see the clock on the wall and my body casts a soft shadow over the print tray. So I can see the print but it isn't getting blasted by light while it's in the tray. One it hits the fix I can open the vanes and start getting an idea of the print while it's fixing.

Have you tried just bouncing a standard 15 watt yellow safelight off the ceiling? Not sure what the green safelight is, but it sounds like it would be very dark.