So I finally had a chance to play with a bessa and the first thing I noticed... Is its too small for my hands! I have long fingers so I guess I need a camera with a little more "girth" to handle better as I found my hand holding the lens also balancing most of the weight of the camera.

Further the 50mm 1.1 on the r2m I was trying took up 25-30% of the viewfinder space so I could barely see a good chunk of the lower right frame! Mind you this lens is huge (for an rf lens) so this is probably an exception?

Nice glass and camera though. Rangefinder was not super easy to use as I thought it would be but maybe some practice would fix that.

Ps: also tried a Leicaflex SL with summicron R and that camera is amazing! Not my cup of tea as im not sure it will last the rigors I may put it through but it's nice!