Oooh. I haven't been on here for like a week. Been a hectic time here :-
I have found a pile of pictures that I took when I was 14 and 15 which is really exciting so I scanned them and digitalized them, because I lost the original years ago. Most of which were colour, I didn't care much for black and white back then, or it would depend on the picture. I have just started to be interested in Film Photography. But Photography in a whole I absolutely Love...

I ordered some LARGE prints of a couple of my MOST "professional" LOOKING pictures (My best work I guess) from Apple via iPhoto (I just PUT ALL my Black And White Pictures of the LAST 2 years in a BOOK. and IT IS FREAKING AMAZING!!! UGH I have to tell you! I creeped my self out "Damn I took that?!" Anyway. Im going to get these two prints framed in matching frames (But that will be a later deal when I have more money...)

ANYONE in Montreal that has a light meter that I could use?
I don't think that my Mamiya Manual camera even has a light meter unless its built into the lens OR viewfinder thingy... LOL so
Yeah. BUT I have been taking pictures in different light conditions changing the f-stop, etc, etc, and Im going to get it developed shortly and I'll see how Im doing.

As for my Pentax Someone said It scanned the film canister and put it on the right ASA/DIN so that is good one less step to do on that BIG bad boy! lol. Then I have the f-stop on auto (which I can also change on my own if I wanna) in a Mall lighting It goes around 4.0... then It has auto focus on. (which can also be turned onto manual, but I don't like it, because of my eyes. LOL