Hey Y'all.

I am a young male living in Montréal (Québec-Canada) and I am wondering if there are any photographers in Montréal (OR Laval, Or South Shore) that might want to take the time, and let me watch then or HELP them around working ?

I have been interested in photography since I was 10 (being 22 now) thats 12 years later. I have three cameras (one digital) I am learning all about film photography (on my own time, and I don't yet have a dark room ) I absolutely love black and white photography and I recently had a book made (one book from Apple Via iPhoto) that has all my black and white pictures. Which was a very (VERY) exciting time for me to see this finished product. Of course no one even knows me so Its not a book that you could find in a bookstore but sometime :P

Let me know y'all