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Hey guys

Well, I thought "sod it", and I took the leap! I've just bought a 501C/M with a recently serviced 80mm CB lens, WLF, strap etc for 1400. I am yet to have it delivered! (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2807896550...84.m1423.l2649)

I have taken on board all the points and acknowledge the risks with eBay, though I have to say that to date I have always chosen sellers carefully and have not yet been stung. Given my location and the seeming lack of second hand places to buy these from round here in Derby (I even bought the Ad-Mag and Derby Telegraph, just to check) eBay is my best option. I tried ffordes.co.uk and a retailer in Paris but it's the usual thing - a shop will always add a few hundred more. I realise you get warranty for a month or two or maybe 6 if you're lucky, but I've sold almost everything I own to buy this so every peeny counts.

I've also bought another standard 50mm prime for my Nikon F5 with lens hood for those more rapid pace requirements. Besides, I have about 100 of 35mm film in my fridge! I just need to get this flash issue sorted (see my other related post about a flash that works with F5 and Hassie) because I do like a bit of -1 fill in flash, just to brighten the mince pies a bit :-)

When the beast arrives I'll let you all know :-) I will no doubt upload pictures of me with my new posession just for vanity sake. I am so excited about owning a Hasselblad I really can't explain it. I have wanted one since I was a teenager (I'm 35 now!).
Good for you!

A wise move!


Do not be afraid to ask us your questions!