The following are free but you pay postage from 60070. I ship USPS and it is never cheap for a box. I'd like to be able to trust people so that I can ship it off priority or first class, tell you what it costs and have you paypal me that amount. So please no one that likes to argue about high shipping costs.
1. Ultronic Panoramic 35mm. The world famous plastic camera. Looks like it has never been used. Shutter works OK.
2. Ricoh AF-5 35mm camera. Cleaned the corrosion off the battery terminals and it seems to work OK. But didn't try with film. Flash works. View finder indicators show distance symbols and if flash is needed. Will need some cleaning of outside and battery terminals for use. Lens looks clean but Iím not sure how to open the shutter for a proper look through it. With lencap only.
3. Vivitar Tele 603 110. Corroded battery terminals. I cleaned them enough to try it but they will need some more work. Flash OK. Shutter works OK. Clean camera with case.
4. 3 rolls Kodak Max 400 24 exposure. I donít see a date on these things. Number 9 is on the cassette.
5. Instruction book for Canon Sureshot 60 Zoom/Prima Zoom Shot. Ex shape.
6. Iíd guess a Canon body and lens rear cap. They fit together. Body cap is marked Canon Taiwan T 2 and lens rear cap just Taiwan 3.
Hope someone can use this stuff.