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A thought occurred to me.. can we just recycle the dyes that get washed out of a commercial film in a pre-wash?
When I was looking at my discolored developer the other night this quote came back to my memory.

The next post was PE saying, well how the heck are you gonna separate out the sensitizing dyes? A fair question, but what if it's not necessary to do that? Then there were a fair number of intelligent people saying, what seemed to me, to be intelligents things, but I'd rather fly in the face of all of that a re-assert this proposition!

So lets say we do a really thorough pre-wash in distilled water and evaporate all the liquid. The remaining powder should contain sensitizing dyes, along with other dyes and _________. (what else?)

You guys say that the dyes are ionic, so does that mean they're easily destroyed?

I don't know, maybe I'm just spinning wheels, but it seems like such a good idea. And of course who can really say whether it works or not until somebody actually tries it... but "what ifs", "how comes" and "why nots" aside, what do you guys think?