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Wow, I almost literally could not disagree more. To me they make a huge, incredibly effective point---something about the nature of "significant" events, and how much "significant" is a human concept that we project onto completely indifferent settings. The only one that doesn't work for me is "Berlin, 1945"---it's much changed from the original, but there's so much affective content left in the setting that it doesn't come off as mundane as the others.

I don't understand how it's possible to see this as "the 'erasing' of history", actually, because the images don't stand by themselves---the point they make is exactly about the importance of what's been erased. Can you elaborate on what you're thinking, a little bit?

As I clicked through the pictures, almost every one invoked an involuntary jolt, similar to a flinch response to a sudden attack. This is not Stallinist erasing. While it will be lost on the ignorant and the young, it did set me wondering what our lives would have been like without all these horrible events.