Voigtlander makes mechanical and electronically actuated shuttered rangefinder cameras for its current 35mm product line. I also prefer the mechanical shutter models. The non-automatic Voigtlander 35mm's work fine without batteries (The only automatic camera I use are older Konica SLR's that have mechanical shutters with full manual override of the shutter Priority system.)

Leica M's are wonderful and sophisticated no doubt, but the Bessa 35mm models are also all excellent and usually lower in price. They have good TTL meters (if you wish to use them), are light, well-made (all of them - even the Bessa-R), and have fabulous finders. They have some other good modern conveniences such as a little window to see the installed film canister label (this reveals the ISO of the film and type of film in case you forget after loading). These cameras also take the nicely made Voigtlander trigger winder and a variety of other useful accessories.

If you think you need one, go for it, they are popular for a good reason - they are great cameras!