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If they would gain the tri-x customers along their existing customers I don't think they would complain. I hope Kodak will survive or find a good buyer for their film division. We'll see. There is always still Fuji, Ilford, Fome, Shanghai and so on. I think for us the magic word will be adaptation for the coming years.
I agree...but Ilford might gain the Tri-X customers anyway with no extra effort, if HP4+ proves to be the best alternative to adapt to. Fuji remains, perhaps, the only other quality option (no offence to the smaller makers, who manufacture interesting and useful products, but, for total reliability and QC, Fuji and Ilford seem to enjoy the best reputations).
Maybe the best we can hope for is a good buyer for the film division, who could use the Kodak branding to support a niche debt-free project on a small but sound financial basis.