Steve - that's a serious looking piece of kit!

Tomalophicon - Film is almost at the place vinyl was. Consumers have switched away from the analogue formats. Selection is down, and distribution is not as widespread as it once was.

EASmithV - you are right stating that buying an album is a more tactile experience. An album, like traditional photo materials, is an investment in a physical object. Digital materials do not have the same physical presence. Listening to vinyl vs a digital source is generally a more satisfying experience, mush the same way that looking at physical photographs is more involving that looking at pictures on a screen.

Trask - doesn't the SME have interchangeable arm wands? I think an interchangeable wand is a better solution than an interchangeable headshell. The Graham uses a fixed headshell/interchangeable wand system. I'm not certain I would want to mess too much with the bearing, but Cardas makes a nice tonearm lead and there are only a few manufacturers who supply internal wiring for an arm.