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Would Ilford want to take on making other B&W films which would likely only take sales from their own existing and similar product range? I've not seen any rush by other companies to pick up Pan-X, Plus-X, and all the other discontinued Kodak products.
Another Car analogy however flawed:

It's not like Cadillac or Lincoln picked up Duesenberg even though there were still customers that wanted the product even some 20-30 -40- and 70 years latter.... a few failed independent attempts, but nothing as good as the originals.

I bought a brick of Tri-x in November from another dying institution... Central Camera on Wabash up in Chicago.
They still write out your sales slip... and that was pissing me off because I was "over" on my meter outside and the guy was writing so slow.... then had to punch in my card manually on a 30 year old terminal.

They did have a NOS Black Hasselblad 500cm kit for sale!!