Bring your road trip to Toronto , give me advance warning and I will set up a workshop group for you at Gallery 44- google them. Also I will introduce you to John Bentley.
He and I met in a logging camp on Vancouver Island in the early 70's, since then he has lived in Toronto. He makes amazing Colour Pigment Prints.
I think what you are doing is pretty cool. If I hadn't sunk every penny I have into my own business I would try to help financially.
These people at Gallery 44 would be a very interesting landing point for you.
As well Bill Schwab has photostock most years and the bus would really be a nice touch.

I wish you well with this project.

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P.S. The vancouver John Bentley is the only one I can find.... I'll look more cause this guy does good interior work, but it sure doesn't look like bus-developed 8x10s from Mexico...