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We should hope not.

AGFA Film, the spin-off from the parent, died due in retrospect to the collapse of film demand. It survives on only as a label.
True, the Agfa Film spin-off (Lupus Imaging?) now seems just to use the brand for own-label film made by Fuji (and, latterly, color negative "Made in China"...perhaps by Lucky Film?). So not an alternative independent source of film at this stage. (The other part of Agfa, in Belgium, still coats film, but, not, I believe, consumer product).

Ilford/Harman, as a spin-off of the insolvency/re-organisation of the "old" Ilford, seems to have found its niche as a quality manufacturer and supplier of a more-or-less fixed range of "known and trusted" product for the specialist market. (And avoiding anty reliance on the declining demand for movie stock...)

So the best hope is that the film part of Kodak might go the Ilford/Harman way of a private buy-out?

Fuji seems an unknown quantity...they have certainly cut their film range, but are very poor at providing accurate information, even on what is actually available in any particular area. They will presumably also be affected by declining movie demand, but they give the impression of being a much more solid company with their other interests in various fields.