Prediction is not hard if not cheap. Here will be mine based on the market observation:

Ilford will live for a long time based solely on their b&w materials.

Between Fuji and Kodak, one will stay and one will be gone or leave the market of analog photographic materials. The one staying will be based on color material productions, also some b&w and chemicals.

The only future for Kodak is it will spin off a smaller but solid film company, with a different management who is enthusiastic about the analog photography. Otherwise I will predict it will go the road of Polaroid, with a brand name of Kodak and under this umbrella people selling all kinds of cheap electronics plus $5 sun glasses.

Fuji is diversifying its production between film, digital, and pharmaceuticals. I wish their success and leave us some unique products like Velvia, Acros, color papers, etc.