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Ahh, it is all beginning to make sense now, you are mistakenly logged into APUG when you should be logged into CPUG ( Capitalist Pundit User Group ).

I work in photography as all of my work, read, shoot for a living, with film and have *direct* contact with people at Kodak, Ilford, labs, etc. In short, you don't have a clue...

You keep on and on and on about no new cameras being made and have no clue that there are a couple of people who are about to start "tuning up" those billions of film cameras to sell as new as they can be. And you talk about hobby shooters but make no mention of the many pros who have either gone back to film for part of their offerings or at least use it in casual form for personal projects...lots of them.

So do your self a favor...well, us a favor and just wait and see what happens...and buy some film and use it, if you really do photography at all.

By the way everyone: This forum is one of *THE* worst in terms of all talk and no action, little brilliant imagery, etc. Think about that, really....
And isn't it always this way? Negativity and negative attitudes are the life and blood of news, forums and controversy. Me, I just bought another 200 rolls of Tri-X 120 and shoot an average of two per day. Happy days!