There has been a possitive side to Kodaks coating division in the past 2-3 years with the continued introduction of imroved films despite the dire problems with the rest of the company.

I'd pick up your last sentence because I had to switch from Kodak Tmax films about 5 years ago because I just couldn't get tnem easily when outside the UK, there was plenty of consumer C41 but nothing else, Iford & Foma films are very mucheasier to find.


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People with imagination and vision. People who believe they know where the bottom is and have a plan to operate profitably at those volumes. It will require that these people acquire the machinery at scrap prices and product rights for practically nothing. It must be an asset-only purchase including no liability for retirees (sorry, PE). Oh, and they must be able to keep the people with the large brains, the chemists and engineers with all the specialized knowledge.

At the bottom end, how difficult can it be to build a 21st century version of an Instamatic or Hawkeye? How difficult can it be to partner with an existing manufacturer to produce a film version of an existing dslr by taking out 90% of the circuitry, adding film handling hardware and slapping on a Kodak label? I doubt those companies have forgotten how to build a film body. If they dust off an old design, startup costs would be very low, mainly for tooling up the manufacturing.

Producing products for a niche market is very possible, especially if that niche is actually world-wide via sophisticated web marketing.