"At the bottom end, how difficult can it be to build a 21st century version of an Instamatic or Hawkeye? How difficult can it be to partner with an existing manufacturer to produce a film version of an existing dslr by taking out 90% of the circuitry, adding film handling hardware and slapping on a Kodak label? I doubt those companies have forgotten how to build a film body. If they dust off an old design, startup costs would be very low, mainly for tooling up the manufacturing.

Producing products for a niche market is very possible, especially if that niche is actually world-wide via sophisticated web marketin

We're not living in an "Instamatic" or "Hawkeye" film world any longer. I see bins of old film p&S and low-end AF SLRs giveaway-priced and collecting dust at the outlet of a large camera chain in Toronto. There are no new film cameras because there's no demand sufficient to warrant production. These fact-free arguments won't turn back the clock. I'm hoping Ilford stays afloat. Kodak? We're all guessing.