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We're not living in an "Instamatic" or "Hawkeye" film world any longer. I see bins of old film p&S and low-end AF SLRs giveaway-priced and collecting dust at the outlet of a large camera chain in Toronto.
I said "At the bottom end" and suggested a modernized version of that concept - the whole lomo thing is exactly that. You ignore that I also addressed the upmarket.

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There are no new film cameras because there's no demand sufficient to warrant production. These fact-free arguments won't turn back the clock. I'm hoping Ilford stays afloat. Kodak? We're all guessing.
Hmmm. What are all these?


I agree that there is not enough demand to warrant "mass" production. That is a very different thing from there not being enough demand for a niche producer. Kodak cannot survive as a mass producer, that is a given, and I am addressing the possibility of a niche-market successor. In declaring my argument as fact free, you have chosen to ignore that qualification.