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I'm so glad to see CGW and Aristophanes play their single "film is dying" tune *again*. How are you so sure that demand for photographic film is in free fall right now? Does ANYONE know anyone who shoots lots of film but will go digital real soon now? Funny, I see a lot more people going the opposite way right now ... Who in his right mind would spend 1$ on an old crappy P&S if you can get a decent one for less than film&dev costs in a year of moderate shooting? The reason few new film cameras are made is because there is a prolific used camera market. Film cameras used to last for 20+ years and were exchanged for digital cameras well before they were to break down, so the used market is flooded and will stay that way for a while.

For ten years people have predicted the imminent death of film, and I can still get color film, B&W film, chems and paper. As I said before, you remind me more of Clippy than Cassandra if you screamed about the downfall of Troy for ten straight years before it eventually happened.
Just another fact-free argument. Despite a clinical level of denial, you seem to be mistaking a possible "dead cat bounce" for an uptick in the market. Demand for film has already cratered--why deny it? The reason no one buys new is that there is no "new." Used gear is a "long tail" phenomenon and testament to just how much film was shot and gear bought over the past 30-50 years. But let's see: no more Kodak b&w paper, film line-ups pared by Kodak and Fuji, Agfa dead, Ilford back from the dead(thankfully), mass extinction of pro labs and mini-labs in N. America, higher prices, local chem/paper access difficulties...

Sorry Rudeofus but you're reminding me of the Black Knight in the old Monty Python sketch from the "Holy Grail."