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I said "At the bottom end" and suggested a modernized version of that concept - the whole lomo thing is exactly that. You ignore that I also addressed the upmarket.

Hmmm. What are all these?


I agree that there is not enough demand to warrant "mass" production. That is a very different thing from there not being enough demand for a niche producer. Kodak cannot survive as a mass producer, that is a given, and I am addressing the possibility of a niche-market successor. In declaring my argument as fact free, you have chosen to ignore that qualification.
Be sure to send us pix of you nuzzling your new Arca-Swiss, OK? Fact-free stands. We've lots of used gear to burn through, so much that it will probably outlast the future supply of film. The Kodak misery pains me deeply but there's reason to think "right-sizing" Kodak's photofilm production will be easier said than done.