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I had a look at the link to the rangefinder forum. Based on what is being said there, has anyone had the heart to tell Simon Galley about the inevitable fate that shortly awaits Ilford as well? It seems that the worst case scenario( total failure ) is in fact the only case scenario but no-one at Ilford has spotted this yet.

Simon Galley may think he is helping to run a viable business but is actually arranging the deckchairs on the Titanic

On the other hand it might just be that the Ilford board knows a bit more about the future of their business than we as outsiders do.

I am not privy to their books, but I believe that Ilford have a far better position long term than do Kodak for film. The major part of Kodak's film business is colour film which goes to the motion picture industry, mostly in prints for distribution. Digital technology is replacing film for the distribution of film, which is leading to a massive drop in demand for colour film. Ilford product black and white film for the still imaging market, this has already gone through the major shrinking that resulted from digital imaging and is now stable, and possibly even growing.

It is because of this that I shifted virtually all of my workflow away from Kodak products to Ilford several years ago, and feel pretty comfortable that I will be able to grow old using Ilford film.