Anyone else using this film? I was given an SX-70 over the holidays, so I ordered a couple of packs of Silver Shade, which now means the apparently improved "UV+" version. Without meaning any ill towards the Impossible Project folks---I think it's amazing that they've been able to resurrect the technology at all---I have to admit I'm disappointed at the seemingly "cranky" nature of this film...lots of unevenness in development (mostly right around the edges, but there's usually an extremely underdeveloped band across the image area near the bottom), and I can't seem to settle down to a good setting for the exposure wheel. And it's a real shame that it's light-sensitive after ejection, because half the fun of Polaroids was watching the image come up. (The other half was arguing about whether waving the photo made it come up faster. :-)

I tried peeling one shot apart, which the IP folks recommend as a method of preservation (peel the image off, store it with desiccant for a few months, then re-mount). I ended up with the (positive) image layer on the mylar facing, which should be acceptable for mounting to a white surface. Unfortunately the image took some damage during the process---it's not clear to me if that's just part of the package, or if one would eventually get good enough at the art of peeling to preserve the image reliably. At three dollars a shot, though, that's gonna be a pretty expensive learning curve.

I'm on the fence about whether this is something I'd buy again. The tonality is nice, and of course instant photos are always fun; but the uneven development is a pain, the images are short-lived unless I get good at peeling and remounting them, and I'm not sure I'm really achieving anything interesting once the novelty of "Hey, I can shoot Polaroids again!" wears off. But I haven't been along for the ride with the earlier Impossible films, so I don't have a good sense of how steep their improvement curve has been; maybe UV++, or whatever comes next, will have some of these issues worked out?

If there are others experimenting with this film, I'd be interested in any advice in taming it. The two best shots I've gotten so far are attached; nothing to write home about, but good enough to keep me intrigued in spite of the difficulties.