Yes Diane I will be driving up from Las Vegas, It is actually a nice ride...Rt 15 4 lane all the way to Butte and then Interstate 90 to Missoula then 89 up to Condon....piece of cake.....

Any Apuggers considering Kerik's class and maybe deterred by the cost and inconvenience of the flight into Montana is more than welcome to fly into Vegas and ride up with me....often flights into Vegas are quite affordable. I will have plenty of room for one or two apuggers and gear-Ford Excursion diesel-roomy-its a monster-

I have in the past packed 8 x10 equipment and shipped it ahead via UPS and have never had a problem.....Last year I shipped to the Florida Keys UPS and flew care free....I recommend it and you can reasonable insure etc.

Let me know----
Dave in Vegas