It's a blessing/curse working at a university, as I've accidentally acquired 'another' Durst 1200 enlarger, with condenser head, a 150mm lens in Durst mount, and various film holders for 35mm and 6x6/6x7. This enlarger will also cope with 5x4" (and the lens with it is of course for that format).
It weighs around 30-40kg, and is quite tall (may not fit in a sedan, probably fit lying down in a hatchback with the seats folded or a station wagon).

Anyways - I can't begin to imagine my fate if I brought a second one home, so I will give it to a good home, in return for a traditional slab of beer, if only to save a perfectly working enlarger, one of the BEST ever made, from the skip. Pick up from CBD

I'm starting to feel a bit like the Melbourne APUG 5x4" enlarger pimp , but there you go...