Sorry to be so brash, but don't crap on the thread then your self, maybe?

You and I want to shoot high quality film? We both need to A. Fight for it. B. Either through our own work or through the promoting of others, show great film images on sites that are far more film specific than Flickr and are more along the lines of this one.

You can take it anyway you want, but I think it is high time things change in the way the film versus digital argument is presented.

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Kodachrome Project, right...

So we scan negs and trans and post them here. Flickr already contains zillions of film shots--some great, most not like much of Flickr content.

"Uninformed and negative" is a remarkable charge. You don't have a clue what I do to promote film locally. I was on photonet for years and never critiqued because I never posted. You seem to have been very busy there posting images. Did you help out in the forums? Your choice--and mine.

APUG probably works best by connecting film shooters locally. We often help former film shooters get back to reality; we know the local ecology of labs, services, and shops and share information they otherwise would miss. That works for me and seems to work for others. I live way more of my life in public than online and prefer it that way.

If you feel mobilizing interest in film is best served by posting images, then rock on. But don't crap on people you don't know, doing things elsewhere, who don't work for a shared interest the same way you do.