Good Evening,

I've used only Colormount with RC and found it satisfactory. Regarding temperature: Seal used to make test strips to indicate the correct press temperature. They are helpful, especially because a press, over time, may not hold consistent temperatures, or the temperature gauge could be a bit off. Absent indicator strips, just take a scrap RC print, or a small portion of one, put it in the press at what you think is the correct temperature and for the correct time. If adherence is poor, tweak the temperature up a bit; if the test scrap shows signs of melting, dial the temperature back a bit. It's not at all tricky and won't need to be done every time if your press is in good condition. One other tip: RC paper is very susceptible to showing small bumps from any foreign matter between the print and the mount board, so be sure that everything is clean. Use release paper, of course, to keep any adhesive off the platen. (Cleaning a platen is no fun!)