I have recently acquired some new vinyl.

A 1970s rock group I was a big fan of reformed recently and I was heavily involved in helping that to happen...

They were approached by several companies, tiny independent record producers, who wanted to make special collectible release albums of the reunion concerts.

All on vinyl. Vinyl albums are much better than CDs for this kind of collectible artefact. The disks are limited edition colour image disks, the packaging is full of inserts, bonus single, booklet, photos, original art work. There are two albums from two different companies, one American and one German. Both companies are very successful and have large catalogues of this stuff - it is very popular.

I do have a turntable still, somewhere, but I have never played either disk.
The value to me of these disks has nothing to do with the fact I could play them if I wanted to.
I don't need to - I have all the music in digital form on the computer and can burn myself a CD any time I need one for the car or wherever...